ID for this sad little rose

weberriverMay 28, 2014

This poor rosebush has been eaten alive; I almost didn't even notice it was in the garden til I saw its one lone bloom. Shame, too, since it's a lovely little flower. Any ideas what kind it could be?

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If it weren't such a small bloom, I'd guess 'Peace' rose. I don't know if 'Peace' has a cousin with a smaller bloom, or if an undernourished 'Peace' might put out smaller flowers?

Good luck!

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Lol, we actually have a Peace rosebush, just a few feet away from this one, actually. And it's really thriving, so probably not.

It might help to mention that when this rose was still a bud, it was vividly orange intermixed with yellow? More orange than the mature bloom would suggest.

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In what part of the country is this rose trying to survive? Do you think it may have just been zapped by the unusually cold winter, and is not really at its best quite yet?

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Northern Utah. And yeah, that could be.

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I have a raised bed, I call the rose hospital. It is for all those roses I find that are trying to make it but or having a hard time. I also use it in the fall for some rooting some cuttings or branches that have been accidentally pruned. I think I would put this little guy in the rose hospital for a couple of months and maybe you will have another Peace, which is always a joy. I had a "Peace Rose" once that had one flower that was half pink and exactly 1/2 of the bloom was yellow. So you just never know. Hope it is just Peach that just need some special care.

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