Tiny creatures and hard work

jclepine(8b)May 2, 2010

I just had the most wonderful morning. I cleared out dog poo and old leaves and needles, dug up the flag stones that are in the spot I am going to put my veggie box and cold frame and just cleaned up a ton.

I moved my baby bath tub that I keep the lettuce in, found a spot for the wire stand that will hold the strawberries and trimmed the annoying aspen that competes with the spruce.

Oh, and I marveled at all the little things living in the muck. Under the flag stones were sleeping beetles and ant colonies. I know better than to try and kill the ants because A. they do their job, B. No matter what I do, they come back anyway, and C. I don't want to kill anything else in the process. Better to just be annoyed by them from time to time. Really, they only annoy me when they start swarming my feet and I'm in sandals. That bugs me!

It snowed most of the time I was out there, in shorts! Somehow, I kept warm. Must have been the shoveling, raking, lifting, prying, leveraging, rolling (yep, some stones were too heavy to do anything with other than roll) and pulling I did.

I'f it doesn't get too much cooler, I might head right back out there and set up the wood for the veggie box. I need to go out and get some nails and some right angle brackets or whatever they are called.


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J, I'm just in from transplanting out . . . cole crops. And, it's col' out there!

Up to 53° which is about as good as we can expect but there are wind gusts to 29mph and a High Wind Warning for tomorrow!

I don't think the flats of little cole creatures that went out in the soil are going to appreciate it. Maybe those tuff critters, kale, will take it in stride (I saw their eyes and the corners of their little mouths, crinkle up a little. ;o) About the best situation is that there should be about 1/4" of rain tonight to settle them in a little. Otherwise, they'd probably end up in Montana!

Steve's digits

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You could tack them down!


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My standard advice in the spring is to but a bucket over it and then put a rock on the bucket.
This is not a joke. It is for real.

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Our weather was first coming from the southeast about a week ago. Then it spun around and came at us from the north. North happens once in awhile but southeast, almost never! I think it is taking quite a bit of energy to correct air flow up here. The wind has just started today coming from the southwest again.

The pea trellises have to by carefully made and maintained to deal with the wind in my very exposed garden. Cucumbers and other vines often end up, upsidedown!

I've thought of tacking the vines down to the ground with a Land StapleÂ!

I bet I could get some sales in Colorado, don't you??


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