Soil or mulch? How deep to plant?

katgardener(5b)May 31, 2014

Silly question maybe: I have been laying mulch in my yard for so long that I now have an intermediate layer of soil/mulch. I realize that this means that the mulch is decomposing and enriching my soil, which is a good thing! But it poses a quandary when I am planting. Should the crown of the plant be even with the top of this mixed layer or with the top of the "pure" soil? I tend to go all the way down and then feel like I've planted in a hole. Does anybody have this problem and if so (or not), any suggestions or advice? Sorry to be so long-winded.

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I put the crown right at the 'real soil' level.

Good looking soil/mulch there, btw.

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Crown should be at ground level or slightly above. Otherwise water may pool around the crown and rot it. Don't mulch all the way up to the base of the plant because the mulch will trap moisture that also may rot the plant. It looks like you've avoided that problem.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Ditto the depth! I'd be inclined to fill in all the way up to and around the plant, but not use the heavier, more decomposed mulch right around the plant, but would use newer, "lighter" mulch that will still allow air circulation, and maybe not make it as deep as it looks like the rest of it is.

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Thanks to all three of you. Skybird, I'll have to remember to use the lighter mulch around the plant itself. I do use the airy mulch to within about two inches of the crown of the new plant, then virtually none next to it.

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