Assistance identifying beautiful red bloomers, please!

thatJulesgirlMay 31, 2013

Hi there,

I could use some expertise with identifying the rose bushes next to my house, if you please!

We moved here four summers ago and they did not bloom the first two years that we were here. Last year after some inexperienced pruning they bloomed once beautifully at the end of spring, but then nothing during the summer.

They have begun to bloom again this year, but I would love to find out what they are to find out how to care for them properly (and if they could possibly be a continuous bloomer!)

Rose information I have gleaned:

Color is a deep pinky-crimson that becomes a bit lighter toward the center.

Mostly visible stamen when opened - which when fully bloomed it seems to be primarily flat, slightly cupped at the ends.

Flowers appear to be semi-double and they have the faintest smell of pepper. The flower that I clipped two days ago, which is slowly fading away, now has what I think of as the classic rose smell as well as the slight pepper musk.

I thought that the two bushes were the same, but the one had a white bloom a few days ago and now what looks to be two pink buds. One of the flowers also has a white streak.

I will post additional pictures below - any assistance on class or type would be much appreciated! Happy gardening!

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more pictures..also, is it possible to load more than one picture per message? I am trying shift and ctrl to no avail!

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and another..

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and lastly...

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seil zone 6b MI

My bet is that the previous owner had roses there and dug them out and took them with them. What's left is the root stock, Dr. Huey, coming up now. He is a once a season blooming, VERY vigorous climber. That's why he was used extensively for root stock. You can leave him if you like but most people will remove him and plant something that will bloom more often.

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A very nice specimen of 'Dr. Huey', a rootstock variety. Its pretty when well cared for, but has a short bloom period (and nothing you do to it will change that, really) and it can be devastated by fungal disease if the climate encourages such.

Personally, I find 'Dr. Huey' to be of little value in a garden setting. Most people end up choosing to dig this variety out and replace it with something "more rewarding", but if you like it, and you don't mind its Spring-only blooming habit, then keep it.

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lola-lemon(5b East WA)

I think doctor Huey has such gorgeous blooms. I don't grow him because he is so gangly- but I love to drive around and see him growing.
If you live in a colder climate- he's a very easy rose.

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Thank you all so much! Right on the's been a beautiful bloom season, but on the way out. Oh well, now that I know he's a climber I might be able to help a little more next season. Thanks again!

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SoFL Rose z10

Agreed. Looks like Dr Huey.
Nice easy care rose in your climate perhaps but may become invasive over time (obviously a very vigorous rose). She's pretty on her own though, if you like her, keep it. There's nothing wrong with the rose itself. Its a good performer. Just blooms once a year, that's all.

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