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terryisthinkingMay 20, 2005

I've just been notified that those weeds I've pulled up over and over are nutsedge, or nut-something. It looks like a tuft of grass. Does the vinegar/orange oil kill them? I've pulled them over and over, and I was told that I didn't get the nut? Where is this nut? I don't want to dig 4000 hole in my mulch. What kills it?

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It's nut sedge or nut grass, and it has a "nut" at the end of its roots that serves as its reproductive organ. If you leave the nut, it sprouts again and also replicates itself. Vinegar and citrus oils don't faze this beast, so the only organic means for getting rid of it is to dig it out.

Our front yard once was heavily infested with nut grass, so I took the digging route. Every day, upon arriving home from work, I would go out and sit in the hard with a hand digging tool and spend the next 15 or 20 minutes carefully digging up every sprout I could reach. In just a few weeks, I had removed all the nut grass. And we've never had a problem since.

But, then, we've never purchased any more dirt or sand to top off our grass.

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