Dirty Hands!!

jclepine(8b)May 14, 2009

Well, it is a perfect day outside so I'm doing as much as I can.

Almost all the house plants have been re-potted, just five more to go.

The big coreopsis is in the ground, happily.

The waterperrys are not going in the ground yet but they have been getting hardened off.

I may stick the shasta daisy "becky" and the little coreopsis in the ground but the forecast calls for a low of 36 (sometime this week, forgot when.) Might be best to just keep hardening those off for now.

And, I'm thinking of putting my Hungarian, Victorian baby bathtub back outside. It currently holds my indoor plants but I'm thinking of using it for a slug-free lettuce planter outside seeing as how I almost forgot about the lettuce seeds I bought in February!

So dirty and happy outside!!!!

I hope you all are having as much fun as I am.


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I guess I'm on the opposite side of the world, J.

There were only gusts to 22 mph this morning so I'm gearing up to get things outdoors and make a break for the big veggie garden to finish getting the early crops in. By the time I'm clean enuf to go get dirty - - wind up to 38 mph!! I can't get tomato plants outdoors and don't want to be out there myself. Can we say "windburn" . . . ?

Had to rescue the plastic tunnel as the door blew open. It "breathes" with the window open but with both door and window open . . . it's a wind tunnel.

So, that's how I ended up on the opposite side of the world . . . Busy with the kids, the one that's nearly 40 and the one that just turned 21. Now, it is off to dinner! So, it turned out okay. (This may well be my last day off for the growing season.)


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Sounds whooshy over there!!

We only had gusts up to about 34 today. The best part is when all the light plastic pots go flying away. Glad for a fence to catch them!

Took me a couple hours of playing in the dirt to remember that windburn can happen and I finally put my hat on. It only blew off once, then I sinched up the ties and it stayed put.

Best part is that everything was repotted. Well, except the croton (I have no idea what the name really is) and the jade, but the jade was repotted last fall.

Hee, funny how kids are always kids! I'm almost 39 and my mom still calls me baby.

We have a wind tunnel of sorts. No, not really. We do have those bamboo stick and rice paper shades, though. I had a couple windows open so each time I opened the door, there was a gigantic draft that sent the closest shade flying out. In my fantasy world, I was on a Chinese junk boat, somewhere in the south China sea....whoosh!

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Fair Weather Steve here:

Finally, all the cool season veggie seed and plants are in the gardens! Got the last of what onions were ready in today and planted the shell peas.

There are now 3 beds of onions and 4 beds of snow (2), snap, and shell peas in the large veggie garden.

There are a few more onions of various types that have been in the small veggie garden for the past few weeks. It just seemed too crowded there for pea trellises.

Kale, cabbage (late & early), and broccoli plants are lined up on the open ground like they are on parade. Next step for me will be a succession planting of beets and setting out more lettuce plants.

With a light frost here this morning. I will continue the wait on these peppers.

I burnt the tomatoes . . . first day hardening. It was 52 and sunny and they could stand in the sun for about an hour while I beat a hasty exit towards distant gardens. There was light shade after the first sunny hour and it warmed into the mid-60's. The wind was just too much for them.

I figger they will need another 10 days of coddling to recover and should look as good as new . . . I hope.

(oh, and I got a bed of sweet peas in today, too! :o)

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david52 Zone 6

Yesterday, I forgot I had a flat of peppers out in the sun and the wind, and by the time I 'membered, they were totally dried out and wilted flat - so I took them inside and poured a bucket of water on them.

About an hour later, I had one of those moments where I remembered that I had put all the flat trays inside solid, water-holding trays so that when they were big, we could just water them from the bottom - and I'd just filled it to the brim. Pulled them out, but still, sopping wet soil, so I had to plant out 18 peppers this morning or the roots would have rotted off ...... fingers crossed we don't get a frost. But they're still small, so I can cover with grass clippings.

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jnfr(z5b CO)

It's so tricky with seedlings. With our sun and wind I have to water twice a day some days. If the sky gets cloudy, they end up sitting in water. There is no middle ground!

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windwhipped(Z4 WY)

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one. Had a tray of lettuce and herbs out to harden off and completely forgot about them when the wind came up. Little cells dessicated and blown all over the yard. Oh well, start again. Meanwhile, the peas are just starting to sprout, and one of the direct-sown lettuces. Put out the wall-0-waters today for the tomatoes. Soil is at 55 degrees but we are supposed to have a really warm week so I'm hoping it won't be too long before I can stick the plants in them.

Roses planted last week actually still alive and growing. Time to plant the clematis and get the rest of that bed (lilacs, roses, clematis, geranium) cleaned up and mulched. Then on to the front garden and weeding, weeding, weeding. Break out the sunblock, I'm ready to go.

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I've done that! (Choose from any of the above. ;o)

However, with the tomatoes the other day - it was solely the wind. The soil was still moist by the time I got home.

Never having been outdoors, they were just tender, tender.


If I can't be a good example, then I'll just have to serve as a horrible warning.

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