Little bloom, white, repeats

cweathersbyMay 29, 2007

An unknown rose that I planted in my garden. I may have rooted it or it might have been gotten in a trade. Either way, the tag is gone.

No distinguishing characteristics as far as I can tell, but I'm no expert rose identifier so maybe y'all can tell me what to look for.


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The leaves look 'Noisettey' is that a word? You don't mention scent...sorry, right now, that is not something you could check....I think it may be a Noisette is it all white, or does it have some pink? It might be Fewell's Noisette, I think you got cuttings for that one from me...

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Thanks, Melva, I'll keep that name in mind.
No, I can't smell it, but I can't smell Nastarana, or Mary Washington, or Haynesville Pink, or MAC, or any of the noisettes.

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Blush Noisette? Just poking around on HMF for the brain teaser fun of it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blush Noisette at HMF

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The blooms do look like the pictures on HMF. But this rose isn't blooming in clusters like that.
All of these Noisettes look the same to me!

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Melva, Does Fewell's Noisette bloom in clusters? One of the pictures on HMF looked like it did.

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Marie Pavie? Does it smell really good? Sure looks like Marie Pavie's blooms...they are small, can have a slight pinkish cast in bud or when fresh...fade to white, small bush, good repeat.

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