predatory insects vs RRD mite

ensete2002May 3, 2010

we found suspicious growth on 1/3 of one of our huge new dawn's this weekend. we are worried it is RRD [rose rosette]. it might be herbicide damage, because it is a pretty good green, virtually no red or yellow. we cut out that third and put at curb in covered trash bins for garbage collection. we intend to rogue out the entire plant just in case.[we have two other as yet unaffected magnificent new dawns, as well as about 100 various roses]

RRD is transmitted by the wooly mite called Phyllocoptes fructiphilus, an eriophyid mite.

has anyone used predators against the wooly mite?

i contacted an entomologist about predators[we buy predatory mites for our greenhouse and veg garden from her company]and i thought other organic rose gardeners would be interested in her reply:

There is no research on this that I know of. I have been encouraging

Brooklyn Botanical Garden to diversify the ground cover in their rose

beds from bare earth to harbor mite natural enemies. Bare earth = no

natural enemies.

I have recommended sweet alyssum, ivies, marigolds, catmint as

reservoirs for natural enemies in roses.

For the predators? We have recommended Neoseiulus fallacies ( a native

that eats many things and will survive in the landscape on its own,

especially with adequate ground cover).

We also have 2 new predators,

Amblyseius swirskii comes in little bags that you hang on the plants

that emit these predators for about 6 weeks, and

Amblyseius andersoni, a mite that is specifically named as a predator of

eriophyid mites. This one also requires ground cover for survival.


Carol S. Glenister


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diane_nj 6b/7a

Carol, Ann Peck (GardenWeb user name anntn6b) would be the person to ask. She has written the eBook that many of us use as a reference for RRD.

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