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terryisthinkingMay 16, 2003

Hi Field and any others that care to comment

you said to make sure that you have the type of BN that attacks thrips in another post. I just applied BN and the package did not say it was for thrips. It only mentioned ants and fleas. It only gave directions for the ants. This made me a little nervous, but went ahead and applied them.

The brand name was 3-N-1 Beneficial Nematodes. Any idea of this is the correct kind?



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TJ, you'd have to contact the supplier to find out for sure, but my guess is that's not the strain(s) you want for nematodes. There are lots of insectaries on the internet, but you can check into some of this with the one I've linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hired Bugs

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Fragrantrose(z9 TX)

You've got company! I just today bought and applied a product called ANTidote tm 3-N-1. I looked on the web and found many sources but was a little concerned about getting them shipped to me in this unseasonable hot weather we are having in Houston. I have been to Loews, Houston plant, and the umbrella place and they didn't know what I wanted. I went to Teas today and they didn't have them but dirrected me to this fertelizer store on Renwick and Bissonet, Southwest Fertilizer. They had them. The package speaks mostly of ants. I bought them anyway. They had no date and I was a little concerned since they had them in the fridge but I'm despirate! I came home and waited for the weather to cool. and followed the dirrections for the hose sprayer. It came with 2 packages and said to apply the second package in 5 to 7 days.
Since I'm on 5 acres I'm sure I'm going to have to add to this as I'm sure this was just a start.I put it in my pots too as they have thrips as well. point is that I am willing to do it again and would someone please dirrect me to the correct nematode please..... I have june bugs beetles and an incredible amount of either white flies or spider mites popping up. I NEED A MIRACLE!

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I ordered my double death nematodes from the hired bug site. I hope the Antidote nematodes don't eat them. I got them sent overnight since it is hardly ever cool and damp here in TX. I will not rely on the local organic place anymore. They were aware that I wanted these for thrip protection when I plunked down my $22 and went home to spend the evening spreading them around. They keep them in the refrigerator too. I should have taken a hint when they handed them to me and I said, ''what happened to the blue sponge"?

Apparently I ordered these from Hired Bugs before because they have the blue sponge. They come in a little ice chest and have to be kept cool.

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Thanks for the link, Field. I had not been able to find these nematodes. They list thrips, Japanese Beetles, and gall midge as being controlled by the double death nematodes. Do you think think they might be of use against rose midge? Thanks.

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Is it advertising hype or are there actual studies proving B.N. kill beetle grubs?
And how long does it take for them to be effective?
I heard years.

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gregorio(z8 Austin, Tx.)

Before I started using BN, about every other shovel full of soil that I dug up had a grub. I rarely see them, now.
I think they are effective after about three weeks. I apply them every Spring. I have for six or seven years.

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drbugman(Zone 7 MD)

I'd be really leery about using beneficial nematodes on anything other than a soil dwelling pests, with the possible exception of wood borers. Beneficial nematodes are highly susceptible to sunlight and drying out.

One of the best, unbiased links that you'll find on the topic is this one:


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Drbugman, I don't think anyone here is suggesting that nematodes can be used against any pest that doesn't have a life phase in the soil. They certainly can be used effectively against soil-borne grubs of Japanese and June beetles and against the larva of thrips. Also, properly applied and with something to eat, they will persist in a soil for several years.

However, I, too, question the use of beneficial nematodes against ants, fleas and ticks, as some have suggested in other forums.

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I used the Antidote type of BN and poured some directly on a fire ant mound within a bed. There hasn't been any decrease in the size of the mound a week later. The directions said you could actually shovel the dirt from a killed off mound to a new mound and let the Bn's continue there. I am not depending on BNs for ant control, hope the new batch does a better job with thrips.

I have the proper names on the Double Death pack for the predatory nematodes:

Steinernematid and Heterorhabditadid


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sinneD(NW San Antonio)

I have been nuturing my ben nems for about 3 months and do seem to notice fewer fire ants actually in the yard. I see them trailing along the fence line sometimes. With the hot, dry season upon us, hopefully I can keep them moist enough to survive. Applied them also for grubs that have attacked my Zoysia the last 2 years. I will see in the fall if they have proven BENEFICIAL. ;~)>-----

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ANTidoteTM is the right type of BN to attack long as they are in larvae stage any BN will kill them. The focus of the ANTidoteTM product has always been fleas, fire ants, and white grubs..but they kill so much more! ANTidoteTM must be kept in the fridge to keep the nematodes alive until they are placed into your soil, so nothing weird about that.

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