Help to ID these 2 roses

Nandy_tempMay 2, 2012

Forum, I need help identifying these 2 roses. I have 2 close up of the pink rose but no close up for the red one. If a close up is needed, or whatever other information, please let me know.

This fall Im planing to try to grow as many of the red rose as I can by using cuttings. I have to trim it anyway, might as well use those plus my goal is to have this rose growing all around the house. I will attempt a few cutting to see what works before I go all the way. I have 2 bushes of those reds. The pink is probably going to be pulled, im not much into it and my ex planted it on the wrong place...


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

The second one looks something like Dreamweaver...

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THY78, thanks, it sure seems to be Dreamveaver. Still looking for the name of the red bush rose.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

To me, the red looks like a Blaze rose--a climber that someone pruned to look more like a shrub.

If I'm right, it can be pruned to look like a shrub, but you might find yourself doing a lot of repeat pruning in an attempt to maintain the shrub shape. I'd be inclined to add a trellis behind it and tie the longer canges , fanwise, to the trellis. Perhaps another Blaze climber on the sunny side of the house--with some true shrubs in-between the climbers--but I wouldn't put climbers the entire length of the house, much less all around the house.

In case you don't know, roses are sun-lovers. For the shady sides of the house, plant shade-lovers like some of the hydrangeas.

Good luck. Planning can sometimes be half the fun. : )


P.S. The pink rose may be Dream Weaver, but I was also thinking it might be Aloha--if I'm remembering that one correctly.

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rosetom(7 Atl)

I agree the first one could be Blaze. It certainly looks it with those new canes it's throwing out. They can grow like weeds in this area of the country. Mine keep multiplying when the canes fall over, touch the ground, and take root. ;-)

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Made a google search and it does look like the blaze. So I guess I should modify my idea. As far as the sun both roses are on opposite side of the house. The "dream weaver" gets the morning sun and the "blaze" gets the evening sun. The only place I have full sun is right in front of the house almost to the road which is not practical for planting. I might end up having some shrubs and every so many of them I can plant a Blaze... we shall see, thanks everyone!

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