Charleston mystery rose #2

gardennatlanta(z7atlantaGA)May 26, 2005

I'd like some help identifying this other rose. The picture makes it look like a small one but it looked more like a rambler or a climber. The blooms are in clusters and are white with a hint of pink and smelled like honey to me.

It had very pointy leaves and although I looked, I don't remember about thorns.

Thanks for your help.

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Patricia43(z8 AL)

It's a noisette. Could be Champney or Blush Noisette. Well, there are several that it could be. Need a side-wise view if you can. Is it really, really fragrant?

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Unfortunately, I only have the one photograph. It was very fragrant. It probably won't help, but it did have a bit of black spot on the bush but I think it's been pretty neglected. It was still blooming away and had most of it's leaves.

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oldblush(8a, MS)

I'm with Patricia on this one, definately a noisette, probably either Blush Noisette or Champney's Pink Cluster. Both are real fragrant.

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I looked at the pictures on helpmefind and it looks a lot more like Blush Noisette. But the pictures didn't show the big clusters of blooms like this bush had. Does Blush Noisette bloom in clusters?

HMF said Blush Noisette has a clove fragrance. I thought it smelled like honey. Is that just a difference in noses?

Thanks. Jeff

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oldblush(8a, MS)

Jeff, my Blush Noisette blooms in large clusters, just like the picture you posted. The fragrance is sweet, not clove to me. Mine does tend to climb also. I've had it only since last fall and it's already about 5 feet tall on an obelisk.

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