Growing raspberries in a pot

shadygarden_CO(z5 Denver)May 4, 2009

Has anyone grown raspberries in a pot? I believe last year Lindy Loo said she had; however she thought she might have killed them due to insufficient winter protection. How big a pot do you need? Would something the size of a whiskey barrel be sufficient?

Any information would be appreciated.


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Yes, I have grown them in containers for three years now. I didn't end up losing them last year after all and I got the largest crop so far from them, too. I don't know the size of the container that I grow them in, but I would definitely say that a whiskey barrel will be big enough. In fact, I had issues with them once and someone suggested that a smaller sized container would actually be better since their root systems are pretty shallow and they don't like "wet feet." I would suggest looking up Tapla's container soil mix for use with raspberries. He has a huge following on the container gardening forum. I almost lost mine two years ago due to the amount of rain we got in the spring and his soil mix saved all my perennials. Just search Tapla container soil and you will see 7 huge threads about his mix. Also, it's been my experience they don't need much in the way of winter protection and if you have a garage you could just push them in there over the winter.

I am really sad to say that all my perennials, including my four raspberry plants, did not make it through the winter this year due to some kind of fungal infection of the roots. I don't know what happened, but nothing was coming up so I dug out some portions and the roots were all moldy. Maybe someone can give some insight on this so you don't run into the same problem.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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shadygarden_CO(z5 Denver)

Thanks so much for the information, Lindy Loo. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your flowers and berries. That is terrible. Were your perennials in pots also?

I hope you get some follow-ups on possible causes of the fungi.


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