Its hot

colokid(5)May 28, 2010

90 degrees outside.

96 in my 6 by 10 foot GH. I have both end doors open and my swamp cooler fan blowing through. No water cool yet. I need to hook that up next week.

I think the tomatoes will be OK if I can keep up with the hand watering of them. I wonder just how high they could stand? These are mostly extras for friends. I need them out of there. Some are big.

Think I will go cut some lettuce for supper.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

WAY too hot, Kenny! I had 93 today, and I went out to try to finish turning over the tomato patch so I can get them in the ground, but I turned over about a dozen shovelfuls and decided it just wasn't gonna happen today! The humidity was higher than usual, and it was really awful!

It's 1:15 now---and all the way down to 72! Did we just go from winter to summer or what? A couple days ago I had the HEAT on!

It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow (or the rest of today!), so I'm hopin' to get the digging done then.

Couldn't we just get some nice "neutral" temps for a little while at least!


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*It's 1:15 now---and all the way down to 72! Did we just go from winter to summer or what? A couple days ago I had the HEAT on! *
I too am up at 2:00Am. Too hot to sleep. Believe it or not, I just went out in the yard and got a pan of potting soil and started a couple more tomatoes that I had over looked. Hope I wasn't seen wandering around with a flashlight and no shirt on in the middle of the night.
Got a couple more 5 gal buckets from King Soupers cake dept. today. I cut the bottom out to protect plants from the wind.
Off to bed and try sleeping again, KennyP

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I'm COLD! This is CRAZY! AT 1:00 this morning it was 70 degrees---and now it's 55! Will we EVER get some "normal" weather this year? I'm not really sure what "normal" weather is, but I for sure know this isn't it---even for Colorado!

I don't guess you'll have any trouble sleeping tonite, Kenny!


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Much cooler here today! The past two days it reached 87º, but today's high was 72. Add in the 20 - 30 mph winds, and it felt downright coolish!

I've gotten most of my peppers in, but only half of the tomatoes. The rest will have to wait until we get back from our vacation. Hopefully the housesitter will keep all of the seedlings alive ...


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We seem to have a half dozen weather threads going!

My story isn't of crushing hailstorms, Thank Heavens!! But, I have almost forgotten the day in May when it was 80°. Some minor low temperature and rainfall records were broken lately. Cool & windy, that's the story here.

I went back, researching another question, to my garden journal. I only kept this thing for about 4 or 5 years during the mid '90's. It surprises me how it continues to be useful.

One thing that kind of jumps out at me is the frequent problems I was having with the weather. It certainly was true that TOO hot and TOO cold was common. This time of year, it was usually the TOO cold story.

After the journal runs out, memory has to serve. And, it does a very poor job. I mean, I've gardened without a break for 25 years! Prior to that, there were many, many years of gardening. What do I remember?

Well, 2 years ago the cool June weather killed most of the melons and severely stunted the peppers. Last year, having about a week more warmth allowed the peppers to recover from the spring cold and produce reasonably well and I was sorry that I went solely with my most dependable cool season melon, Passport. It did fine!

I will put the peppers and melons out this week altho' the warmest day is expected to be only 67°. My hope is that the 2nd week of June will be warm. Please, please!

If it doesn't warm up a little over the next 2 weeks, I'll probably lose melons as in 2008 and it will be too late for me to replant . . . But. Ten years ago, I thought that Minnesota Midget was the only melon that would grow in my garden and I didn't find it worth the space. At least, I'll had 7 or 8 season out of a decade when I've been able to enjoy the delight of vine-ripened melons, fresh from the garden!

Crop failures are not uncommon. Hedging our gardening bets is important. Having extra plants and a broad selection really helps. If it continues cool, this will be a good "salad year." I will probably be pleased to see those lovely leaves and varied shades of green.

Keeping a record is important. I'm turning over a new leaf here: for a good long time, I've saved most of my GardenWeb posts. Finally, I'm going to attach the date to them!!! Why I haven't done this in 7 1/2 years of posting on GW - I have NO IDEA!

Steve's digits

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Digit, there is an old saying among farmers to keep perfect records. When you find a year that everything works just right -NEVER DO IT THAT WAY AGAIN!

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