Could this be 'Pax'?

vmr423May 31, 2014

This rose belongs to a friend, and I'm hoping for a cutting. It was planted years ago by a lady (now deceased) who loved old roses, and it's doing very nicely, thank you, in the SC Lowcountry heat and humidity. Blooms off and on from Spring until cold weather sets in...

The plant is in a large container, and is probably about 5'x5'?

The blooms can look quite tea-like (ÃÂ la 'Maman Cochet' or 'Mme Jos Schwartz') but the blooms show their stamens, so probably not Teas, but could have some Tea ancestry?

The color is cream with an occasional pinkish tinge on the outer petals that may or may not be virus-induced.

Will post a couple of follow-up pix, but they don't have great looks at leaves, stems, etc. Sorry, but if you need a better photo for ID, please tell me what you want to see & I'll try to supply an additional photo or two.

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Photo #2...

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Photo #3

Looking fairly tea-like, and that pink does look rather viral, eh?

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Sorry- I just saw that there are several roses named 'Pax' in HMF, but I'm wondering about Pemberton's Hybrid Musk...

I am thinking I see a resemblance, but I really am just guessing, and would love to hear from someone with a clue.

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