Thrips control nematodes question

jillca(5a/Denver)May 16, 2006

I used to find information about thrips control using beneficial nematodes on a web site called The website doesn't exist anymore in the form that I remember. No nematodes, just organic chemical sprays. Does anyone know/remember a company that has them and the actual name of the neatode that controlled them? If I remember correctly, there were two types of nematodes.


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I just came across nematodes at There are apparently nematodes for the northern and southern areas.

Hope you find what you need!

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barb422(z6 UT)

It's at Natures Control. They have a button that says 'Our Hired Bugs' The 'double death' mix has two varieties of nematode. I put some on last week and I hope they work.

I got them cheaper by ordering them from a local dealer. The shipping is much more expensive if you order direct. They also have a button to find a dealer in your area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natures Control

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I just transplanted lamb's ear to around my roses. It is suppose to contron thrips. I haven't had any changes to post, of course, for I did it yesterday. I've read quite a bit and found several sources recommending this for thrips.

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Sweetpea, does it make a difference what kind of lamb's ear you plant? I know of 2 different blooming lamb's ears and recently saw one at the garden center that does not bloom. This sounds interesting.


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Kiki - You posting went to me, not sweatpea. I wouldn't plant lambs ears with roses - one is xeric (lambs ears), the other is NOT (roses). I have my roses underplanted with dianthus, creeping phlox, and lavender.

The nematodes recommended on the web sites are to be used in a environment with a humidity of 50-60% HA HA here in Denver. We have about 14% in the summer. Seems like they are more suited for a greenhouse environment.

Back to the Dr. Bonners. It seems to be helping some, but I have to be careful - with the heat, the soap lets the flower petals burn to a crisp.


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barb422(z6 UT)


Could you point me to where you read that the predatory nematodes require high humidity? I was only aware that predator mites required high humidity.

Thanks in advance,

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

i am putting the nematodes out today. gulf coast biotics. i don't know about the lambs ear. they really can harbor pests if not cleaned out of the dead under lying leaves.. i am moving/sping mine. ill let yall know about the 'todes!

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