What worm is this?

organic-kiki(Zone 6)May 28, 2006

I searched for cut worms and didn't see this problem.....the stems a couple of inches below the buds are cut in to. I saw 1 tiny green worm and he is in worm heaven right now. All I read sounded like cut worms cut the main stem and are bigger than this guy....I am confused (a not unusual condition).

Thanks for any help.


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I don't know what they're called but they are little b******s are't they? Is this the kind that when you disturb them, they drop down on a tiny thread to a lower branch? I used insecticidal soap to get rid of those guys on my roses. And, like you I indulged my killer instincts a little bit at their expense. Mwaahahahah!! cheryl

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My garden has been deluged with those little green worms for years now. I find the best thing for killing them is good ole dishsoap and water. It must smother them, or something, but it really works.

They seem to come down on those 'strings' from our huge maple trees (the maple leaves always have holes in them). So after they're finished feasting on the maples, they make their way through other plants - not all - just specific ones every year.

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