colokid(5)May 12, 2009

Just had two of my 5 gal buckets blow off of my newly planted tomatoes.

3:00PM, Greeley: 87 degres f, 10 percent humtity, 17 mph wind from SW.

You thought I was joking when I said "a bucket with a rock on it"? I've been there befor,


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Dan Staley

I WISH we had 17mph. We're gusting mid-30s here.


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Windy way up north here on the ID/WA border. Yesterday there were gusts to 35mph officially but it sure felt like more while getting plants in the garden (kale, cabbage, broccoli, onions). I spent my time trying to hold onto my hat and get something done.

The temps were into the 60's but today they are just barely breaking 50° and just as windy. I was hoping for some rain for the plants' sakes and it looks like it may just do that. Right at sundown - and then we can figger on the winds dying and a nice hard frost by tomorrow morning. AAaaahhhh!


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Dan Staley

Oh, and the MesoWest station down the ravine has 3% humidity, the reservoir a couple miles away at 8% while we gust in the 30s. I guess I'll be watering, then. Sigh.

Digit, an old GF and I looked for property in them there parts some years ago, for homesteading & off-grid house. Very nice up there and I miss it.


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43 mph out on the praire west of Cheyenne. Windows are rattlin', but we had 90 mph New Years Eve.

Dan-gosh I fear for MesoWest with 3% humidity and wind. DH is a wildland fire fighter.


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Unfortunately, I guess I'm the winner this time with 45 mph gusts.

I am soooooo sick of the wind, and the garden is taking a real beating!!! The peppers in the kitchen window are over a foot tall now, and they may NEVER get hardened off at this rate!

Babysteps, it is setting up to be a bad fire year around here too. No precipitation and constant, strong winds.


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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

If I had heard what our gusts were, I'd cry with frustration, but we had to be up there with Bonnie...


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david52 Zone 6

I saw that the Forest Service actually puts out red flags on their fire danger signs along the highway when the warning is up. Like yesterday and today. I have the same hardening off issue - a greenhouse full of stuff that needs to be set out side in someplace sheltered, but even 'sheltered', it's 20 mph, which does a number on seedlings.

At the local tree nurseries with all the potted up trees, they just leave them on their side.

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Sheltered place yesterday, all day, was the carport - backed in where there are 3 walls. It was the best thing for the peppers to sit in there in the dark (greenhouse/tunnel full).

We didn't get that shower of ice at sundown that I feared sooooooo - it only got down to 33°. I noticed just a little frost on the shaded parts of the roofs about one-half hour after sun-up. We dodged the bullet!

I left a few kiss-me-over-the-gardengate plants out yesterday. They are truly puckered today. But, my attention to them wouldn't warrant any kisses this morning. Couldn't even buy one. I suspect.


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We had "up to" 48mph yesterday and today is 46. The beds are gonna get slow-soaked today!!

Tomorrow, the gusts are only going to get up to 30 and Friday they are supposed to get up to 28, so I'll stop complaining now :)

I really love the wind but Gordy, one of the chihuahuas, does not like it. He might even be more afraid of it than he is of thunder!

I'm with Babysteps, it gets so high at certain times of the year that this really isn't that much....except....there isn't any snow of the ground to keep things from blowing away!


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Dan Staley

Dumba-- Dan thought he'd be fun with a 'Tumbler' tomato. The wind twisted it off and it is in a glass of water, rooting now, the other one sitting in the window, may never get outside at this rate. My hoops are holding well now that I've abandoned any hope of keeping plastic on them and punted to row covers instead (less light transmission but at least the peppers have leaves. Some of the stuff I put out in the morning to harden off got shredded by wind that suddenly came up, relegated to garage now. Gah.


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