babysteps_wyMay 10, 2009

Hi just wanted to introduce myself. We are taking baby steps to a simpler way of living. Whole new way of life here on the windy SE prairie, but we'll give it a shot. DH got me some containers and planted tomatoes, rosemary and cilantro (questionable choice but I'll take it) for mothers day. He had them covered for the light snow we had last night. However, I have hope. I'm going to lurk and ask questions. I look forward to chatting with you all. Babysteps.

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A little more about me: Babysteps moved from the hot steamy forested regions of S. IN to the dry, beautiful, windy praire of WY in December '08. She is learning a whole new way of homesteading. After having homesteaded in IN for 3 years and just getting the hang of things she and her dh are taking babysteps all over again.

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Welcome, Babysteps!

I understand. I came from California where anything grows. I'm above 8200 feet up so I get a little confused on what grows and when.

I think you'll really enjoy it here. Everyone is kind and knowledgeable.

Have fun!


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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Welcome aboard, Babysteps, and thanks for introducing yourself!

You've already discovered that Wyoming is a bit windy (yes, I say that with my tongue in cheek; check out some of the "wind" forums; I'm in a wind tunnel, myself), which can be a particular challenge gardening. However, you should get plenty of sun, so if you can stake your tomatoes (doesn't matter what kind they are!) or put them up against a fence where they can get some protection from the wind, and then make sure they don't dry out, you should get a good crop. Your soil is probably pretty heavy clay, so just make sure the tomato plant is in a large enough container that it doesn't get dried out between waterings, and you should be golden!

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