Hello John.....I hate you!

peppernoviceSeptember 24, 2012

Scorpion_John was kind enough to mail some lava to me. It was in the form of vacuum sealed douglahs. I say kind, but I really mean EVIL. I sampled a piece about the size of a dime. That's it, just a little dime. Well, that was about 10 minutes ago. I am salivating uncontrollably, my lips are on fire, and I'm pretty sure my tongue melted long ago. If you desire the "no bottom jaw " look, maybe he will send you some and you can melt your face off! Thank you John for enlightening me as to what real pain is!


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Tim - i take it u liked it? Lol. You gonna plant it next year? Its kinda a different burn than the others, the worst i've found so far. John

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

A dime? That's a mighty big piece for a fresh super-hot. I cross-cut mine wafer-thin for sampling.


So you be peppernovice no longer.

I dub thee 'peppercasualty'.

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I will definitely plant it next year. It hurts so good! After the initial shock wore off, I added some to my salsa, then added some more to my dinner. I only ate about a quarter of a pepper, but I feel like I conquered a beast! :) Thank you.


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LMAO....pepper casualty.....I love it! Thank you for the confidence booster DMF.


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So it was the 7-pot Lava?? I saw a video of it, looks good :)

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Lol, I just finished cleaning seed from about 500 Trinidad Scorpion Moruga. I didn't expect them to be too bad, but was I wrong. When I cut the stem off of them, I could shake drops of oil out of about 20% of them. Fortunately, getting my jaw melted off is not on my agenda for the evening. I did NOT taste them.

I have a Douglah plant that should have ripe peppers within the next 3 weeks.


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