Can you help me solve the 8 year mystery?

IrisEyes(z5 IN)May 24, 2005

HI! Here is a rose that my sister planted about 8 years ago on a property that I now live at. She is not a gardener by any means and could care less what it is. But I have been curious for years. It is gorgeous to say the least! It gets up to 7 or 8 feet without support but I have given babies of it to a friend who can get it to grow bigger with support. It is a once bloomer but sometimes given the right weather it will bloom a bit towards the fall. It is highly fragrant and the canes are heavily covered in small needle type thorns. The bud comes quite small but once the rose opens it is about as big around as the end of a soda can. Most importantly to note is that it shoots out babies on runners just like a lilac bush does. It is a fast grower as well. The first season the babies will reach 3 to 4 feet. I love this rose and have used the babies of the mother bush to make a hedge at the side of the house and have given tons away as gifts. Does anyone know what it might be? This is a open rose up close and I hope it helps. Thanks and God bless!

Image link:

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I wonder if it is Banshee.

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Does your sister remember where she got the plant?

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It sounds like a rugosa hybrid, although I think they usually repeat. However, I have a hybrid musk Ballerina that is supposed to repeat, and the best it's ever done is to send out a very few blooms in the fall.

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Yes: Has flowers and foliage of a Hybrid Rugosa.

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IrisEyes(z5 IN)

Hello again! Well I think she got the rose at a place called Michigan Bulb Company. I believe that is right but the place is no longer in business whatever it was, I can tell you that much. I did not start getting into roses until a few years back and it always puzzled me that this rose sends out babies like a lilac does. I never realized that there were roses that did that I guess, silly me. I will be looking up Rugosa's as I love these roses so much that I would love to have more like it but in different colors. You cant beat a rose that gives ya babies, hehe! Thanks for all of your help everyone I really appreciate it! God bless!

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Actually, suckering to form thickets is a common growth form for roses, one of those characteristics not encountered as long as one's idea of a rose is restricted to modern bedding types (Floribundas, Hybrid Teas etc.).

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Kiwi_Fiona(Dunedin, NZ)

Could it be Jens Munk, one of the Canadian-bred Explorer Roses?

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I wondered if it was Jens Munk too. I have heard the scent described as spicy, but sweet too.

Here is a link that may be useful: Jens Munk at

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IrisEyes(z5 IN)

Wow! No picture has looked more like my rose than this one! How wonderful to have finally found what I believe to be the ID of this rose! Thanks so much to everyone who has suggested what it may be! Just to let everyone know that may be interested, my roses are nearing the end of blooming and I will be digging a few of the babies they have sprouted and will be offering them for trade. I will have to cut some back quite a bit as they are babies from last year. I just thought I would let you all know. Thanks again and God bless!

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IrisEyes(z5 IN)

Ok, YIKES, this is getting crazy trying to figure out what this is! I was sure it was Jens Munk after seeing the pictures but after doing a lot of reading about it I can almost be positive it is not. Then I thought that it may be Theresa Bugnet (sp?) as suggested in another one of my posts and I can almost be sure it isn't that either. The reason that I say this is because both say they are continual bloomers and produce bright orange hips in the fall but mine does neither. It blooms once and blooms much better in the cooler summers, like the one we are having,and with any luck will give me a few more blooms in the fall. But I can assure you that it does not repeat bloom well in the fall. I don't believe that I have ever seen a single hip produced off of it either. I can tell you that it does not get blackspot and very rarely do I see any mildew on it either. It is rarely ever bothered by insects except those nasty japanese beetles love to eat the buds. But even those have not made it out in time to eat my lovely roses this year Woohooo! I am still searching to give these wonderful roses a name but they do greatly favor the flower of Jens Munk and Theresa Bugnet. Thanks again and God bless!

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Does anyone think this could be a gallica or gallica cross? That's another rose that often has many fine prickles and suckers.

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Therese Bugnut is a once bloomer for some people. Other people get better repeat. It seems to be a climate thing. By some definitions "constant bloom" means thereÂs always at least one bloom on the bush. ON a big bush that one bloom is often counted a stray, and not indication of good rebloom. My TB also doesn't set hips very well--it depends on the year, and even then there's not very many of them. Your bloom does indeed look like TB with a few white stripes. If it gets red canes in the winter, I think thatÂs probably your rose.

Here is a link that might be useful: Comments about TB and hip set

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