What Rose Bush is This? (Pics!)

redthreaddiy(6a MI)May 6, 2010

We moved into our new house last summer. This is what the rose bush that was already here, had done:

It was tangled in with weeds, trees, everything. We had to cut it down so it could start over. Now it's just a low-lying bush.

Here are close-ups of the leaves:

Anyone know what kind of rose this is? I would love to know so I can take proper care of it. :) Thanks!

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It looks to be some sort of multiflora rambler. I'll think on this and see what I can come up with. (Not having close up photos of the flowers makes this nearly impossible, but I'll give it a shot.)

Where are you?


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garden2garden(z8 FL)

It looks a lot like a rambler I found growing at the corner of my yard, which I have since ID'd (I"m fairly sure anyway) as Excelsa. Same growth habit, same leaves, same clusters of flowers, the way they hang and the same color.

It would help though, to know where you are. Did it bloom any other time during the year? Is there any scent?

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

I don't remember if there is any scent, and I live in Michigan. Once any flowers come up, I'll be sure to post close-ups! Thanks!

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