Can you guess rose TYPE from foliage pix?

alisande(Zone 4b)May 5, 2006

This rose was labeled Sir Thomas Lipton, and I jumped on it (a definite impulse buy) before realizing the foliage doesn't look like Sir Thomas. I decided not to return it to the store because they'll just throw it out.

Is it possible to tell if it's a hybrid tea or some other class of rose from the foliage? If it's a HT it won't last past one season here. I'll plant it in any case, but it would be helpful if I had some idea of what it might be. I took these pictures today. The serrated edges of the leaves are slightly reddish. Thanks!

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It looks like a modern rose of some type.

If it were a climber, glossy leaves usually mean there's Wichurana in the mix somewhere. But that doesn't narrow it down much.

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