I'm totally confused.

donnann(5 MA)May 27, 2005

I have been doing so much reading that everything is getting jumbled up. I read that neem oil was a good pesticide. After I bought it I read from others that it wasn't very good. I am already seeing some leaf problems because of all the rain and cool weather so I know I need a fungicide. Some say don't use copper or sulfur after neem oil. I had already bought soap shield from garden's alive. It says it has less copper. I am getting ready to pull my hair out. Is it ok to use the neem and then the soap shield? If it is, how long do I wait to spray one then the other? If it isn't, what should I get? I have roses, butterfly bushes, bee balm, day lillies etc. thanks, Donna

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

As far as I know, it's OK to use copper after oil, but check the label for cautions, I could be wrong. Sulfur and oil definitely should not be combined or overlapped by some weeks. The only thing is, cool damp weather can increase the chance of foliage burn by copper. Spray it at a time that it will dry promptly-- the liquid sitting on there overnight is not a good thing. If you have plants with a lot of blackspot and mildew starting, I would apply the copper to those plants, or get sulfur if the oil was applied weeks ago.

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donnann(5 MA)

thank you so much!

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