Need Organic Cure For June Bugs Eating Rose Blooms

alameda/zone 8May 13, 2005

June bugs are munching the tops of my rose blooms [at least I think this is what it is, have seen them on the blooms]. It looks like the tops of the blooms are chewed/discolored. What can I use organically that will deter these pests? I have a receipe for jalapenos and garlic, put in a blender, strained, then mixed with water to deter spider mites. Would this work to deter june bugs? Whatever is getting to some of the blooms makes them open discolored and ugly. Or maybe its not june bugs....whatever it is, I would like an organic receipe to put a stop to it. Thanks for any suggestions!!


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Sophie Wheeler

Pick them off with your hands and drop them into a bucket of soapy water. Nothing "deters" bugs. If they bother you, you have to kill them to stop them. Handpicking them or spraying them with soapy water (rinse your roses afterwards) is about as non toxic as it gets when it comes to dealing with insects.

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Also, put some birdbaths and/or birdfeeders near the roses.

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