Not Pink Peace?

nberg7(z7NC)May 11, 2007

I think this one was mislabeled. The color doesn't seem deep enough and the petal count and bloom size seem much smaller. It does have scent- although it's on the medium to faint side to my nose. It's budding like a floribunda as well. Any guesses as to what this might be? TIA

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Well, I'm just going to agree that it's not a deep enough pink. Where did you get it? I would find out what other pink roses they were offering, that might have been switched with PP.


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It was a body bag that I purchased last year (always a risk that you're not going to get what it's labeled to be of course.) It threw some 5 foot canes last year, so I'll watch her this year and see if she might have a tendency to climb (which was my hunch last season.) Whatever I've got, it's one healthy baby, but I just hate not knowing what it is, KWIM?


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The foliage looks incredibly healthy!
Yes, I have a few lost labels (potted roses) and my only hope is that I recognize them when they bloom. The others have all been mapped out and entered on the spreadsheet, hehe. Just a little OC. 8-)


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