i got coffee, i got tea, I got neem oil lookin' at me!

popny(L.A.,Calif.)May 24, 2004

Yes,I'm ready and armed..Now! what goes first, last, all at once??

1) when do you put the coffee grounds after watering, before?

2) can you drench the soil with neem oil over the coffee, is that counter-productive?

3) my compost tea is standing in the wings, but doesn't know when to go on! lol POPNY

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Bostonian(z6 MA)

You can put down the coffee, put down the tea - but I don't know about the neem.

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I toss the coffee grounds on before watering.

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Thanks you all! Another question brewing. How much coffee do you put down, and do you mulch or throw compost down, also? Do you put your coffee around all your plants, and does it stay there and you throw more on top from time to time? Thanks for your patience.
Bostonian, I thought neem got soaked into the soil also. NO? POPNY

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Well i'm new at the whole coffee organic rose growing thing. When i brew a few cups i take out the filter and stick my hand in it and generally toss about to various plants.

Which reminds me since i go to the coffee shop on a regular basis i probably shoudl ask if they can save me their grounds:)

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Bostonian(z6 MA)

I dump the grounds on my lawn and rake them through. In the garden bed they have to be put on thinly or incorporated into the soil slightly or they mat together and don't let the water penetrate and mold a bit.
I've never used neem. I thought it was some plant derived insecticide.

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Starbucks here in So Cal will provide you with free grounds if you call ahead and ask.

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Neem oil should be diluted and sprayed on the leaves and stems to deter insects and fungal diseases. I've never heard of soaking the soil with it.

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Put the coffee grounds down whenever you have them. I don't find them partucularly effective as a pest control but they do add organic matter and feed the plants.
When to use compost tea, or Neem, depends. What are you using the stuff for? Compost tea to keep fungi at bay can be sprayed anytime, except during the heat of the day. Neem oil used for pest control is best sprayed when the target insect is present, Neem oil sprayed for fungi control is the same as compost tea.
But be sure your soil is well amended with organic matter and is well balanced with nutrients so your plants grow strong and healthy and you won't need the rest of the stuff since the plants will simply not get bothered by most pests or diseases.

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