Mixing fungicidal treatments

caroline1(7b)May 9, 2006

I've heard of people using milk as a fungicide treatment, and of course there's baking soda as well. Would it be effective to mix some baking soda into the milk mixture? Has anyone tried this?

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antonv(LI, NY(Zone 6))

Im no rose expert....this is my first year. I am a chef however. It seems to me that if you put baking soda into milk, the lactic acid will react with the soda, and you'll get a little science experiment, eruption. It wont be as drastic as adding it to vinegar, but it will react. As for the benefits, im still searching here!!


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I guess I thought milk was more on the alkaline/neutral side. Ok.
Anyone ever try it though?
Or is there another mixture one might try/has tried?

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The way that milk, baking soda, and vinegar control blackspot is by lowering or raising the PH of the leaf to a range that the blackspot will not grow within. So if you mix different things and one is a base and the other acidic they are likely to cancel one another out.

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