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tulipsmiles(6 South of Boston)May 17, 2009

Hi All,

I recently had a severe case of Rose Slug, I believe, all over my roses. It was disheartening to watch them get eaten.

I started my rose garden last season, so it has been in great anticipation, that this years blooms arrive. Well, they were decimated by this 1/2 inch green caterpillar and have yet to bounce back, or offer a single bloom. There is not one un-eaten bloom on any of my rose plants.

My question is, what can I do, looking forward, to remedy any future disappointment in my rose garden??

Do you all follow some sort of calender of prevention? What should I be looking for next?

I really, really, really want to keep to the organic practice, but I must admit, I was incredibly tempted to purchase some heavy duty chemical to get the little buggers! (as the garden lady at Lowes told me to do) This make my life much happier and easier.

BUT... I didn't do it. So can any of you offer some guidance as to what I can do now to prevent any future bugs that we know are on their way, or Black Spot perhaps. Do you all follow a regiment? When do you start?



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The Rose Slug is the larva of one of the sawflies and one means of keeping them off roses is to cover the plants with Floating Row Covers. The next most effective control is to squish the wee buggers between the thumb and forefinger. Insecticidal Soaps are a good control, but that material must contact the target since it does not have any residual affect, once dry the soap does nothing, except maybe cause the plants leaves to "burn". If you have a large problem maybe you could move up to Neem Oil products or even pyrethrins, both of which are broad spectrum poisons that are also harmful to our bees.

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garasaki(z5 IA)

I also have a problem with rose slugs.

I've done lots of research to positively identify the problem. But I have yet to find a satisfactory solution.

Last year I vowed to solve the problem by religiously removing and killing the slugs early in the year, hoping to stop the life cycle of these buggers once and for all.

Didn't help - if I miss 2 or 3 days of picking them off, they infest and defoliate the plants in ridiculous amounts.

This year I simply have no hope of stopping them. I didn't address the problem and my roses are already 100% defoliated on any leaves that are more then a week old.

I have yet to find any way, organic or not, to stop them. I find lots of info on the rose slugs but not much in the way of solutions to them.

I'm going to try planting a number of companion plants and host plants for beneficial insects. I'm writting this year off...but maybe it will help for next year.

It's a really demoralizing situation.

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