Is this rust?

JRoss_Tulsa(z6 OK)May 18, 2005

Is this rust on my climber? Regardless, what is the best remedy for this problem? Here in Tulsa, OK, we've had abnormally dry weather. This climber was bought/planted approximately one month ago from a local nursery.



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LizzieA(z9 CA Sunset 17)

Doesn't look like rust to me, and believe me, I know what it looks like from bitter experience especially this year with so much rain here.

Rust starts on the underside of the leaves as small orange dots that slowly take over the entire leaf which subsequently falls off. Your damage looks like herbicide -have you sprayed anything lately? and have you been giving it enough water? Newly planted roses need a lot of consistent deep watering.

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JRoss_Tulsa(z6 OK)

Thanks, Lizzie. I now remember reading that rust begins on the underside of the leaves. I've sprayed a garlic/pepper spray and once I started noticing what I thought was some kind of fungus, I sprayed it with a potassium bicarbonate spray. I imagine I have underwatered. However, just this morning as well as last week, it received a nice rain.


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Sophie Wheeler

That's spray burn. You fried your leaves by spraying them with something. Garlic and pepper don't do a darn thing for roses or against bugs, so quit that. Exactly what concentration of potassium bicarbonate did you spray, and what else did you add?

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They can also be burned by a hot sun on roses that have not been watered enough.

It can also happen on new roses that haven't been hardened off from a greenhouse - the sun is just too strong for the tender leaves.


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eviestevie(8a Central TX)

i second the fertilizer burn. it looks like you're spraying too much of something on the leaves

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rjgodbout(z5 NB,Canada)

I have a similar problem with a newly planted rose but just around the edges of the leaves so far. Could a watering with a common water soluble fertlizer on the leaves be the cause?

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LizzieA(z9 CA Sunset 17)

Yes. Newly planted roses should be given time to develop their roots before you start with the salt-based fertilizers. They can burn the baby plant.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

A leading rosarian in Tulsa says that we don't get rust here.

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