Salt tolerant rose question

Millie_36(Z6b MO)June 4, 2004

First off...I don't wander over here very often, but thought this might be the place to ask this question. I know you are all ready to tell me that roses do not tolerate salt...but this one may be the exception.

I was given cuttings from a rose that was found within sight of the Gulf coast beach south of Houston. This rose would have been subject to storm surges at best. It is now blooming for me with no sign of disease (so far), and I am told there was none on the original bush. Here's the's a canary yellow rose whose outer petals fade to white. I understand that yellow roses are disease prone. I have not seem the original bush, so don't know how big it will get. It blooms singly and in groups of 3 to 4...(spent blooms were left on cuttings). Leaves are shiney, and petal count is 17 to 18. Plant is too young to know if there will be scent.

Could anyone hazard a guess about the identy of this rose? I hope to have one to keep in the greenhouse and one to plant in garden to test hardiness this winter.

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Millie, I am no rosarian (yet), but I thought I would respond since none of the grand dames nor the princes of this web have yet offered you a response ...

C'mon, you guys, help Millie out!!!

I remember reading in one of my gardening books (which? I need to browse the bookcase in the morning) that there are wild roses that creep over the sand dunes here in Southeast Texas. Of course most of the wild roses (species) are singles that I am familiar with. If you are able to post a pic, you may have more luck with ID by one of these intrepid souls....

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Millie_36(Z6b MO)

Wildrose, thanks for responding, but it is probably an impossible question. I'm no computer geek, so don't know how to post pics, but my son did for me. They are on the Rose ID forum...with "salt Rose" in the subject line.

This rose still looks really good without spray, but has lost a half dozen leaves from yellowing. It could be too wet since we have had a lot of rain and pots don't drain as well as open soil.

By the way, it looks just like Sunsprite except no fragrance and the blooms last for several days. Don't remember if Sunsprite had shiny didn't live very long for me...sickly from the start.

Would you like to try it in South Texas where it came from? Looks like I can't even give it away. :)

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I just checked the picture you have of your unidentified rose over in the other forum. Whatever it is, it is very pretty. The leaf loss due to too much water is always a possiblity.
We have been drenched with too much rain down here lately, too. By this time, we are usually gritting our teeth against the impending summer drought.
If this bush is not too thorny I would be happy to take some cuttings of it from you, perhaps in the fall, when they won't die in transit. I will be happy to reimburse you for postage. I sure hope someone will jump in here and help you id her!
Allison aka Wildrose 1996

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Millie_36(Z6b MO)

The rose doesn't appear to be any more thorny than many of the other roses I have. Not like the Hybrid Rugosa Hansa.

Do you suppose that a first winter rooted cutting would travel bare root? I was thinking of the roots, but they should be mature enough by then. Once it goes completely dormant here, I could ship like the nurseries ship unless you just want to stick cuttings outside as I do here?

Forgot to mention that I did not know about the wild yellow roses on the coast of Texas. Seems a strange place for a rose, but other plants have adapted themselves to hostile places on this earth.

I have been watching the satellite pictures of the rain down that way...thought I heard that there had been a foot in some places...good grief, we would float away with that much. Very hilly country here...low water crossings get nasty with 4 - 5 inches of hard rain.

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Yes, we are indeed saturated! I am hoping Noah will finish that boat for us soon!

About the transit for the rooted cuttings? I think it would be better to go ahead and try shipping in maybe a one gallon pot? (or what ever they would be growing in). Disturbing them always makes me nervous... Again, I will of course pay postage to you Millie. If you get some cuttings rooted, that would be wonderful, but if you don't have the time, I will be happy to have the fresh cuttings to try. I have finally this past fall started having good luck with cuttings, and I am very enthusiastic about starting all types of roses now!

If you are interested in a trade, I have quite a lot of Cramoisi Superieur, Maggie, Lafter, Climbing Cecile Brunner, Climbing Old Blush, at this time, and in the future will be able to root a lot of my teas and noisettes that are just getting well established this summer (if the rains and flooding dont kill them!)

Someone jump in this thread and help ID this rose for Millie and me!!!


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Millie_36(Z6b MO)

Wildrose, sorry to be late is dumping on me, and then bees to rob.

I have one newly rooted cutting potted up in a gallon...I will plan to ship it in mid you think that will work? More are still under mist and are well callused. I will be away from home for 10 days shortly after that and want to be rid of as many of my potted things as possible.

E-mail me from "My Page" with shipping address. Trade is not necessary, but if you have a really tough rose that will be happy in zone 6, you know I wouldn't be able to resist. ;)

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Sophie Wheeler

I still think it's Golden Unicorn. There's a pic on the gallery right now of GU, and I think it's a close match. Having grown it myself also, it hardly ever has the reported "red" edging and is more of a soft gold at all times.

Here is a link that might be useful: Golden Unicorn on the Gallery

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Millie_36(Z6b MO)

HollySprings, you may well be right...minus the "red" edging and with no discernable scent, it sure looks like it. I hope you are right so that I wouldn't have to worry about winter cold. If it wasn't for the peachy colored buds shown on Help Me Find, I'd be happy with the ID.

Do you propagate? If so and want to do a side by side comparison, I'll send you cuttings for Fall or Winter rooting...which ever you are comfortable with. Can't promise to have rooted cuttings, but might end up with some.

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Been away for a bit. Will eamil you soon.

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