My red long stem roses die, what happened? :-(

OctopusIncJune 23, 2012

Hello rose experts,

I recently attempted to grow roses from flowers I purchased at the store. They were long stem red roses and smelled amazing. I bought them, took them home, fluted the bottom and dipped in rooting hormone, then planted in pots with moisture tents over them. I was very happy to see them survive and shoot out some roots.

After they shot roots I transplanted one of them into soil I make for figs (pine mulch, perlite, organic cow manure, and pH adjusted to 6.2), another one I left in the pot I planted it in, and the third one I left in a moisture box. The one potted in fig mix and the one left in its pot were both then left without moisture tents.

Not long after all three died. The weather got into the 95 area and they all withered up and turned brown. What did I do wrong? Was it just the heat? Do long stem reds just not do well from flower cuttings? Should I have grafted? I'm just totally at a loss and hopefully someone can help shed some light on my dead flowers.

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You might gather more information if you post this question on the Rose Propagation and Exchange Forum.

I wish I could help with your question, but don't know....

There are very fragrant red Hybrid Tea roses that one buy, that might be similar to the ones that you tried to root. Chrysler Imperial is very fragrant, a great rose.

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Thanks Krista.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Florist's roses are raised in greenhouses under special conditions and it would be very difficult to try to root them, and the high temperatures would have finished them off. They just weren't meant to be garden roses, but just to be enjoyed in bouquets.

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