My End of Year Habenero Harvest

mea2214(z5 Chicago)September 28, 2012

I don't normally post harvest pics but I had a good year with the veggies and my habenero plants were heavy producers and they're very photogenic. More people will take tomatoes so I can give them away. The habs are harder to move so I dehydrate them before they rot. That pile of habs is from seven plants. Harvest from yesterday.

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That's a lot of heat. I hope you have some sauces, jams, and powders planned. Congratulations.


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Those Habs are great. I grew one last year and it produced a lot of peppers for me. Should have a lot of flakes/powder to get you through until next season.

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Nice!! I always like to keep some hab powder nearby. Right next to the cayenne, salt, and pepper. :-)

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Very nice. That's quite a harvest!

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Gorgeous harvest! What's better than a pile of fresh picked peppers? Those habs look like a lot of fun.

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Looks great, be sure to lest us know what you do with them.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Out of curiosity, what sort of tomatoes are those?


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That's a very impressive harvest from 7 plants!

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mea2214(z5 Chicago)

Thanks. The tomatoes are Celebrity and Big Boys, two basic types because I've been having real problems with them for the last 5 seasons. I probably will diversify more next season after finally having a successful year with them.

I was surprised at how many habs I got per plant this year. It might have been the hot dry weather. Here in Chicago we more than broke the record for 90+ days and had a bunch of 100+ days. It was a brutal summer. Habs are very easy to grow on the rooftop and I only grew 7 this year because I didn't want a big harvest because it's a lot of work gutting and filling the dehydrator with them LOL. I also used Cleome (a plant with big flowers that bloom all summer) as companion plants and that might have helped as well since they attract a lot of bees.

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