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angelrobSeptember 1, 2012

Hi. I moved to a new area this year and none of my peppers are hot. None. I have some jalapeno and banana that are going gangbusters on producing, but everything from green to red is zero heat. They taste like bell peppers. Every single one of them. I had some chile peppers planted but haven't found any yet. I've googled around but can find nothing about not-hot peppers, only fixing the results of poorly handle hots :-/ Any ideas? Thanks!

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May be the variety of Jalapeno; there is one variety called TAM mild which tastes like a bell papper. I found late in the season like now they will get hotter, especially if you under water them. It is time for next year to grow different kinds of peppers. Is the jalapeno one of the only peppers offered at your box stores there in illinois?

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The bananas are probably sweet bananas and will by nature have no heat. As Darylltx says, the Jalapeno may be a low heat variety. Are those the only varieties that you are growing? Next time you taste a ripe one, make sure you taste some of the white stuff inside. That is where most of the heat will be in a pepper if there is any.

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BUMMER! I just went and checked the seed packets and the bananas are sweet banana. I've had banana peppers for years and love their mild bite and taste for things like omelets. Never knew there was a sweet one. I saw the pic and caught "banana" and didn't pay attention to the rest *note to self* read labels!

The jalapenos indicate neither mild, nor hot. They aren't the only pepper available locally, but I always grow at least some because I like them in so many things. More for the taste than really hot, but I do like them to have a kick.

I started some chili and thai hot seedlings as well, but they aren't producing well. A few tiny (probably 1/2") fruits on the thai that I haven't tried yet, hoping they'd get a little bigger.

The only other thing I can think of is that they were close enough to get cross pollinated by some rogue bees? Although I've grown combinations of peppers before together in pots and they all stayed true; then again, they were all actually hot instead of having some sweet in the mix. Ah, the joys of gardening. At least my SO will enjoy the sweet :-)

Thanks for the feedback,

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Cross pollination wouldn't be a problem for the fruit that forms, but could be present in the seeds inside that fruit. So, the next generation is where any potential cross will show up.

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