Can you identify this weed?

abbeywMay 14, 2013

This is driving me crazy- I have these popping up all over my perennial beds. I am assuming it's a weed, not some type of ground cover that I'm not familiar with... The leaves are shiny and have a reddish/ purplish tint on the backside. It crops up in tiny little seedling patches everywhere! Help!

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I have always called it Pig Weed. Easy to pull but don't let it go to seed.

Here is a link that might be useful: More info

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That one's better than the one we get in our yard--I call it dead skunk weed! It has little berry-like things on it that look like tiny green tomatoes and when you pull it it smells like a smelly animal that died and has laid in the sun for several days! And the smell stays on hands through several washings, yuck.....

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