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steviewonder(4)May 23, 2013

Hey there,
I'm wondering about doing some soil testing here and there in my yard. I don't want to go through the extension service because I think the different areas of my garden have been treated pretty differently and I don't want to pay for multiple tests. Has anyone had any luck with the little soil testing gadgets out there? How about the capsule method? Not sure which is more accurate. Thanks for any input,

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

I've never heard of a home test that is particularly accurate or reliable. What you can do is add compost to the questionable areas. Compost is the great equalizer.

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You can take soil samples, put them in a straight sided jar of water, and get a rough estimate based on how it settles out. Sand on the bottom, silt, then clay on top. Takes a few days, but you can do it for several different areas.

But the extension in Logan can do more specific chemical analysis. I had very saline soil - typical here, with a lot of phosphate - probably the previous owner's overuse of artificial fertilizers. They also gave me advice on how to amend. Probably worth sending a sample for problem areas.

Here is a link that might be useful: soil test

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