Could this be Minnehaha?

Kiwi_Fiona(Dunedin, NZ)June 4, 2005

I'd really appreciate some help here, as I'm not good at identifying ramblers.

This rose shows clear Multiflora parentage, with the fringed bracts and stipules, straight upright thick green canes that are easily bent and broken, the presence of glands about the little flower stalks, petals that are notably papery, and a predilection for mildew on the flower ovary (?that bit which later becomes the hip), even when grown on a windy Dunedin pergola. There is no purplish bloom on the canes nor darkly glossy foliage as one might expect to find in a Wichuraiana rambler.

The 3cm flowers are quite double, borne in clusters, much in the manner of 'Dorothy Perkins', although individual flowers are cupped rather pompoms, and of a deeper, unfading pink. On close examination the base of the petals can be seen to be white, and the petals are often weather marked. The scent is light (at the most).

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