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olivia22June 2, 2010

I've got my frozen banana peels (quite alot actually) and I'm currently drying coffee grounds. I've got 5 double knockouts that I planted in April. They are still relatively small (about 1-2 feet tall, and the same wide).What do I do with these peels and grounds now? I've heard to blend them with water and pour it into the mulch around the plants, but how much? how many peels per gallon, and how many cups of grounds? I didn't prepare for this....can I do too much and injure them?

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Hello Olivia, I'm not sure which recipe or method you are referring to, but it sounds like a great idea! I usually just bury banana peels and/or coffee grounds in the compost/mulch around my roses, and let them decompose naturally. I don't think you need to worry about being too precise, because you're not using chemicals, and no, I don't think you can harm them with banana peels and coffee grounds; mine sure seem to love it! I've never heard of blending them; it probably gets more nutrients to the roots faster. I think I will try that method, next time I feed my roses! I wish you and your roses a great growing season! Maybe someone else has a specific recipe....

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