Leaves of Roses with yellow spots and turning yellow

kamtchaskyJune 3, 2009


I am new to this forum and also a novice gardener and look forward to your wisdom and help here.

The leaves of my roses are turning yellow and then brown... It all starts with yellow dots on the leaves, and then eventually the entire leave is yellow and then turns brown. I am not sure what the diagnostic is here. Earlier in the season, I had aphids and I treated the roses for that, this time around, I do not see much insects.

I've included a short video on the link to show what it is for your reference: http://sharing.theflip.com/session/c559556fbc1e2950957c6d037e71e0b4/video/4388130

I'd appreciate any suggestions here on how to treat those roses.

Thank you for your help,


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What did you use for the Aphids?
Leaves turn yellow, exhibit chlorosis, for many reasons and sometimes people spray inappropriate things on plants to eliminate Aphids that cause the plants leaves to die, which yours are doing. If something was sprayed on those leaves that restricted that leafs ability to breath or photosynthesize the plant will cut off nutrient flow to that leaf and it will die.

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My leaves have not been sprayed yet this season and I also am starting to get yellow spots but have had this last season and sprayed it withOrtho garden disease.

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