What to plant against a north-facing garage wall? (pic)

susankaMay 21, 2008

I'd like some ideas about what to plant against this long garage wall. It faces due north, but does get morning sunshine. I'd like some color if possible and something that would partly hide this huge garage, which because of the narrowness of our lot and budget constraints we had to have sticking out as you see it. We're on top of an extremely windy ridge, although the wind comes from the back of the house mainly. The tree that looks close to the garage wall is actually about 8 feet from it. It's an Ohio buckeye.

The pic isn't very good, but we have rock in the very front with lawn behind that and small bushes (Miss Kim lilac sized) in front also. Dark Knight spirea and potentilla groundcover in front of the house. I hope also to plant some bearded iris and peonies somewhere, but I think there's not enough sun for peonies against the garage. If morning sun is enough for peonies though that would be my first choice I think.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Could a clematis reach up for some sun? Trellised Jackmanii would look fantastic in that spot. My great aunt always grew the most beautiful morning glories vining up her north facing entry way. Those could also go on the trellis to fill it in this year.

Coneflower and columbines are supposed to tolerate some shade if you wanted some lower flowering plants. I am trying those this year in a shady part of our yard.

Pots of violas and pansies would be happy and look good, esp. mixed in with coneflowers and columbines.


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You can do some cool stuff. Hope you will 'scuse my spelling on plant genre names. Weigelia will do well in that sheltered environment, as do Buddlia. I have a similar situation, but mine is at a bit of a slant, and gets afternoon summer sun. I'm going to plant three jackmanni clematis this fall as well.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Jinx, buy me a coke. You said Jackmanii, too!

:-) Michelle

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Hi Susanka,

I'm not sure if I am quite able to orient myself. It would help to know what time of day the photograph was taken. Is it late afternoon??

My clematis vines do fine with only a Northern Exposure.

200+ miles northeast of Roslyn ~ Northern Exposure

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Cross posting here :-)

We've got a red flag for fire, a flood advisory for the Dolores, and I was just talking to a serious, serious river rat / tiller-borrower who was gonna till tonight under the lights, drop that and a daughter off tomorrow at 7 for a 'play day' and hit the stretch between Dove Creek and Slick Rock, 'cause with 2000+ fps, its class 4-5.

Winter Storm Warning out in Utah.

I'm waiting a bit to plant out the tomatoes.

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Gosh, I'm late to the party!

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Cross posting all over the place here. I'm busy putting together the first almond / basil / cheddar pesto of the year, so thats my excuse.

I thought I'd scored on the Wayside Garden clematis extravaganza, 'cept I forgot to put in the key word at the checkout, so whiffed on the freebee niobi. Oh well.
I still got 3 small jackmanni, and I'll grow them in pots for the summer, and plant them out this fall.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Mmmm on the pesto!! All I could scrounge up was yogurt.

Koi Gardens had a heckofa clematis sale - I planted 14 new varieties! And two more bigbox bareroots. And there are four more in the coldframe. Just a touch of the OCD, here. :-)

OP and anyone else who wants to die of Gorgeous House Envy, here is an inspiration website to look over. There are some fabulous clematis!

Clematis I Covet


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Thanks, everyone. Looks like clematis is the winner, although I like the columbine and coneflower idea as well with a few pots intermixed. Also morning glories are one of my favorite flowers. I didn't realize butterfly bush would grow there, but thanks for that idea, david52; that would eliminate the need for trellises.

digit, it is late afternoon in this photo; usual sun there is morning; I didn't even realize it gets a little afternoon sun.

Does anyone have an idea for evergreens that could be interplanted near this north wall for some winter interest?

I'll post some pix when we get it all done. Thanks again, everybody.

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