'York and Lancaster' or other Damask?

boisenoise(5/6 West)June 17, 2007

This rose is growing without identification or records at the Idaho Botanical Garden. I am quite sure it is a damask . . . it looks similar to my 'Celsiana' and has a similar growth habit, with canes that arch over under the weight of the bloom. However, the overall shrub is larger than my 'Celsiana.' The flowers aren't quite the same as 'Celsiana,' either . . . I took some down and compared them. Garden records show that 'York and Lancaster' was purchased at one time, and there has been some debate as to whether this is that rose. It has no tendency at all to show two colors on a single flower as described in the references, although in cool weather flower color does range from a deep pink to a very light pink as flowers age. (In hot weather, they all fade to light pink.) Anyone? Help?!

Image link:

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boisenoise(5/6 West)

I took this photo of the same rose a few years back, on a cool day. It shows the color variation that occurs, but it seems to be mostly caused by fading . . . never color variation within a single flower.

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boisenoise(5/6 West)

Someone suggsted that seeing the overall shrub might be helpful, so I shot some photos of it today. The problem is that, since photos are so 2-D, it's hard to see where this shrub ends and the ones around it begins. But, here it is (it's pretty much stopped blooming by now, so the canes aren't bending down so much anymore):

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boisenoise(5/6 West)

Another possibility I'm considering about is that this could be 'Kazanlik,' or rosa damascena trigintipetala. I pulled a flower apart today and counted the petals . . . 28! They are rather large flowers, too.

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Sorry for not have taken to the time to get back before ... but I agree with you. It is the Damask Rose trigintipetala.

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