tiny purple mystery pepper

dennisinseattleSeptember 23, 2007

A little pepper plant started growing alongside another (heirloom) pepper plant that I bought. The peppers are pearl-sized, start pale green then turn deep purple. Are these actually peppers?

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can you fix the picture.

you might ask where you purchased the plant what other kinds they sold. also look through seed catalogs at the pictures. there is one called Pretty in Purple or Pretty Purple.

Pretty Purple Pepper #9202 (30 seeds) $2.15
Dark purple fruit and violet-colored flowers are what make this plant so special. Purple peppers almost cover the foliage, turning the 2-1/2 foot tall plants nearly purple. Upon maturity, the peppers turn red and are extremely hot. At this stage, purple, orange, and red fruit may be on plants at the same time, making a very colorful and attractive display.

This company calls it Pretty Hot Purple.

Product Code: 46510
Price: Check Latest

(green > lavender > red) Ornamental and flavorful. Fruits are 1-1/2" long by 3/4" diameter on 24" tall plants. Foliage, stems, flowers, and fruit have attractive purple coloration. Harvest the purple and red fruits to make a colorful hot pepper vinegar or hot pickles. Pkt. (0.25 g)

notice the purple stems and purple flowers.

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There are quite a few small ornamental purple peppers. Last year I grew several copies of one called 'Explosive Ember' from Parkseed. They produce a foot-high plant with uniformly purple stems and foliage, lavender/white flowers and tiny conical fruits which start purple and ripen dark red.

I grew five of them in a 24" container, and this year have gotten 3 volunteers:

As you can see, the progeny of this hybrid are varied in their foliage, but early fruit is the same color as the parent plants:

The fruit is very tasty, and described as medium hot. To me, it was very hot.

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Sorry - here's the image:

It resembles Explosive Ember, but the peppers are perfect spheres.

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I would say not a pepper but some other solanaceae--here is one that grows wild in my neighbors yard.

Here is a link that might be useful: Solanum dulcamara

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ardnek710(z6 stlouis)

that looks more like one of the nightshade species. They are related to peppers but you don't really want to eat them and they tend to grow wild in gardens. Some versions are called garden nightshade, black nightshade, etc.


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I guess it makes sense that a weed is growing. That is what weeds do. I find a few weeds in my garden. haha. LOL. More than a few.

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