smdmtMay 8, 2014

Ya gotta love spring in the Rockies, NOT!! Snow coming Sunday/Monday???

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And so what's new..... But I agree with you. Just when we really want to see things come up and bloom, we get the snow that we could have used in January! But more than the snow and late freezes, what I truly hate is the strong and seemingly constant wind. I don't mind wind at all in the winter, but cuss it out regularly in the spring. :(

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ZachS. z5 Littleton, CO

No, I truly !@#$ing hate this so called spring that doesn't actually exist. I am getting more and more irritable with each passing day. Every time I look at weather I seriously consider composting all my tomatoes and peppers and just growing kale and brussels sprouts (mmm! Tasty!)

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We have no spring.... argh.....

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kvenkat(5a Colo)

Well, during my first summer living in Jackson Hole, it snowed in July!
At least THAT doesn't happen around here!

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david52 Zone 6

Whats the joke about the four seasons in Wyoming?

About winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.

A few years back, around the 10th of June, my son and some friends took a lengthy backpacking trip, and one of these storms moved in, dumping over a foot of wet snow - these days, if you get up high enough, you can get enough cell phone coverage to send a text, so when they bailed out on the trip, we knew where to go to pick them up.

The same storm dumped 5 feet of snow in the southern Wyoming mountains. I can't imagine being out backpacking and getting stuck in that.

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kristie73(z5 Co Springs)

I know! I'm getting frustrated and anxious. I have some pretty blossoms on my apple tree. I hope the bees are doing their thing before all these blossoms freeze. I hate the wind too! Maybe the snow won't be so bad. It could be hail!

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It's snowing right now at my house in Brighton!

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popmama Zone 5(5)

Snowing here in Arvada. I did my best to cover up some of my plants, but I'm not sure what the outcome will be. This is pretty bad for mid-May.

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Snowing here in Colo Spgs as well. :(
And we are moving my daughter Back up to Boulder to her new digs after moving her Out of the dorm there on Thursday. And going up to Greeley over the beginning of the weekend to see my son graduate from UNC. I don't have time to cover plants!! :(

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Guys! This is Denver! This is not all that unusual!!! When I checked my rain gauge a couple hours ago I was up to .6" of precip. Lovin' it! By now there must be another couple tenths of an inch. I haven't had a good "natural" watering for months! Mother Nature's water is FREE, and it's better than the Hose Kind since it comes with negative ions. I'll take it whenever, and however, I can get it! (Well! I do admit I'm prejudiced against HAIL!)

Here's some Denver weather data to convince those of you who think this shouldn't be happening!

Denver Colorado - Monthly Snowfall - 1882-2014

The monthly NORMAL for May is 1.7". Check out 3.4" last year, 7" in '03, 7.2" in '01, and how about 13.5" in '78!

Denver's Winter/Cold Season Statistics

Some interesting stuff here!
Earliest date of last spring snow: March 4, 1887
LATEST date of last spring snow: June 12, 1947
And the "average" date is April 26, but those averages come from "somewhere!"

Zach, I thought you said you were a Colorado Native? You should be used to this kind stuff! I started my veggies later this year, planning to wait till June to put them in. Did that by accident last year and they grew like crazy, and better than the years when I put them in early--and prayed nightly for them!

Happy spring snowstorm! I'm really glad for the precip, even if a few of the blooming perennials get smooshed down a little!


P.S. And that's from somebody who's gonna be out driving in it--in the mountains--tomorrow!

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ZachS. z5 Littleton, CO


First of all, being native, and being used to something doesn't mean I have to like it, lol! Plus, after spending 3 years stationed in Hawaii, kind of spoiled me. I've been back in CO for just as long as I was away, but, it's taking me a while to readjust to living in the ice age (and I don't even get to see wooly mammoths). I hate snow in December, I absolutely loathe and despise it after a week of 80 degrees in mid-May. I mostly hate it because I have cool season plants that I need to harvest by June 7th before I go to AT for 2 weeks and they all go to sh*t while I'm gone. That's not going to happen if they keep getting interrupted like this. I'll wind up coming home to rows of bolted lettuce and woody beets. I don't have any warm season plants out yet, I am too cautious for that, but it would be nice to e able to get them in the ground sometime before August so I have some chance at ripe tomatoes before frost comes in September.

You are right, there is nothing too out of the ordinary about snow in mid May, even into June it's not completely unheard of. However, whether you agree or not, I have a firm, core belief that there is a time and a place for winter weather, and that is in WINTER!

Be safe driving through the mountains Skybird, I know how precarious that situation can be. We just lost a Soldier in my unit last month driving over Monarch on his way home from drill during a winter storm like this.

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

Got the spoiled brat all bundled up. A Black Dragon Lily that was my Mom's pride and joy. I have done it many times over the last many years. Fussy thing doesn't like cold, but with a nice length of soft brown paper, then a layer of remay, a tomato cage with a plastic bag over all of it. Don't say I never did anything for you, you spoiled brat lily! You'd better bloom beautifully, even if it stinks!

Make sure you have all your hoses unhooked! Things will look up soon!

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ZachS. z5 Littleton, CO

And here's the aftermath!
God, it's such a mess, have I mentioned that I hate snow?
How did everyone else fare?
Skybird, did you make it over the mountain okay?

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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

Everything looks ok here though most things have a flattened look. Probably in a day or two it'll all be standing up again.

Another cold night coming...hopefully the last.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

It was an "interesting" drive, but I made it over "several" mountains! The worst part was driving in and out of deep slush heading out 285 for quite a ways. After that I was in every kind of weather there is--except hail! Light snow, heavy snow, BLOWING snow with occasional near white-outs! Light rain to moderate rain. "Dense fog" from the water evaporating off of the road when I got into some sunny spots--and, yeah, there was sun on and off the whole way! It's Colorado! There HAS to be sun! Just as I arrived at the (one and only) rest stop near South Fork a Mini Blizzard quickly developed! I guess it was waiting for me! Like I said, the drive was "interesting!" Here in Cortez it's cool but mostly sunny, and not bad at all, tho I did drive down to the new visitor center at M. V. and it started snowing lightly again while I was there! It must be stalking me! ;-) 425 miles in 8 1/2 hours! All things considered, I think I made pretty good time!

I was sure the roads, which were wet most of the way, would get icy over Kenosha, or Wolf Creek for sure, but they didn't, even on top. But I drove from wet roads into "deep" slush going thru the snowshed on Wolf Creek. THAT was a surprise!

Weather's s supposed to be getting better (warmer) every day out here, and I think in DEN too, but haven't had time to look at that. I did take a couple quick pics of my yard before I left--just for "archival" purposes! Before I dumped my rain gauge out Sunday evening, so it wouldn't freeze overnite, I had over an inch of precip! That's worth dealing with the cold and mess IMO! Now I can be confident all my stuff will be fine till I get back, which isn't all that long this time! If ya ask any questions later in the week you won't get a reply! I'll be totally incommunicado for a few days! TOTALLY!

Wishing sunny skies for everybody on the Front Range,

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ZachS. z5 Littleton, CO

Glad to hear it Skybird! Sounds like a "fun" ride. I am not a fan of mountain driving in GOOD weather, let alone these kinds of conditions.

Yes, it was chilly today, and I can't tell if the plants appreciated the sun, or were cussing the cold wind, maybe a little of both, and 30ish expected for tonight so everything is tucked in tight...again. Then, starting tomorrow, a decent warm up with tolerable night temps. With any luck, we'll get some planting done this weekend!

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