Small pink, once blooming rose.

katlomasJune 14, 2006

I bought this rose about 8 years ago, and of course, now I can't find the tag. I know it ia antique, because I bought 6 or 7 varieties at the same time.

I have looked in helpme find and everyrose but can't find it. Does anyone recognise it?


Image link:

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Is it fragrant?

And when you say it's a small rose, do you mean the size of the plant or the size of the blooms? If the plant itself is not small, what's its habit - climbing, arching, mounding, etc.

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Hi, the blooms are quite small, but they are on an arching bush, see photo. It is mildly fragrant.
Ooops, how do I add another photo?!

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Hi, I would like to know how I can post another photo without restarting this thread. It seems that adding a reply does not give that option.

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Kat....If you don't get the "Optional Link Url" box, try typing the photo link into the body of your message like this:

Type it in replacing the first red text with your photo URL and the second red text with something like "Photo Two" or whatever words you want to use as the clickable link.


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Hello, this looks like R. majalis plena syn. foecundissima (aka Rosa cinnamomea plena)

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altoraMA(5/6 MA)

exactly what i am thinking. I always want this one
but was always afraid it was too tender for me...


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