Plant potatoes between squash?

bob_in_coloradoMay 18, 2013

Garden space is at a premium. I'm sure everyone knows this. I only have about 800 sq/ft.

I have a good sized square devoted to squash plants. I'm thinking about planting my potatoes in between the rows of 3x3 grid squash. The squash plants get big, the potatoes get really tall. I doubt one will shade out the other.

What do you guys and guyettes think?

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What kind of squash?

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Butternut, 8-ball, spaghetti, zucchini, Italian zucchini, yellow crookneck, pumpkins and baby pumpkins

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I think you'd be ok with the zucchini and crookneck, they're usually bushy vs vining, and don't get too monstrous. Butternut, it would depend on the variety - the small-fruited ones are relatively tame plants.

But pumpkins, or any of the big, vining winter squash, no. They take over everything, and their leaves will grow taller and taller to take out the competition.

I haven't grown 8-ball.

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Thanks David

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I plant squash between the cabbage, Bob.

That is, I make a 2nd planting of summer squash between early cabbage plants. The cabbage can be taken out in mid-July and the squash will grow and produce about the 1st of September.

You have given me some ideas! My potatoes always seem to be early varieties. I like 'em! So, I begin harvesting about the 1st of August. Could I . . . might I . . . would I be crazy to . . ? What if the early cabbage was harvested and quick-maturing potatoes went in? Would they be good neighbors to the summer squash and make a crop by September?

The squash would have a week or so lead on the potatoes but the cabbage kind of "suppress" the squash until they are out of the way. I'd have to do some shopping for sprouting spuds in early July. Hmmm. . . .


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I think I'm going to try planting one row between my squashes. They are in a 12'x12' area, each in about a 3'x3' area. My potatoes grew very tall last year and the squashi are growing from seed.

The potatoes are German Butterball, so they're smaller anyways.

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