pepper flakes

peppernoviceSeptember 20, 2012

Okay, done the powder thing a couple of times. Here's my first attempt at flakes. It includes bhut jolokia, chocolate scotch bonnets, sweet peppers, and 7 pot (crossed). Here's a pic.


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Man those look like some deadly flakes! Bet they'll go great on a pizza!!

What did you use to grind them? I have a small blender I use only for peppers.

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I use a small coffee grinder. I bought it at Wally World for $15 usd.


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Coffee grinders are great for turning dried peppers into flakes (or even powder if you are persistent). But, yah, keep the grinders for grinding peppers only.

I'm curious, why did you add sweet peppers to that mix of deadly-hots?

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My wife and I like to add them to salads, among other things. I also add them to powders. It acts as a filler. If you want more powder, but not quite as much heat.


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Tim, Those look like pouches of intestinal destruction, in a good way, of course. I like the idea of mixing powder with the flakes.
What I've been doing to make flakes lately is drying the crap out of my pods and saving them whole or just halved and jarring them, drying them to the point where they are past leathery and down right brittle.
I take out small batches and just crush them with a spoon or in a sandwich bag. Peppers maintain their flavor for much longer if you hold off on grinding or powdering and keep them whole or halved, dried to hell, in a cool dark place.

Here is a link that might be useful: PEPPERMEISTER! Hot Pepper Gardening, Recipes and Chile Info

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