Help identify 2 tone Barbie pink!

Ninkasi(6ish Germany)June 2, 2014

Hi everyone!
This beautiful thing is growing exuberantly in a giant bush in a yard across the village. It is one of the most outstanding roses I have ever seen. Can anyone help identify it? Thanks in advance!

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seil zone 6b MI

Looks like Double Delight. Is it fragrant?

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Ninkasi(6ish Germany)

I don't think the scent is strong enough to be a double delight, nor is the center yellow enough.. I have had a look around at some of the garden centers here-- I think it might be Nostalgie (Nostalgia) of Jubilé du Prince de Monaco. Has anyone tried growing these before?

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I agree that it looks like 'Nostalgie', but have a look at 'Cherry Parfait', 'Nicole', 'Tourbillon', 'Leo Ferre', Harlequin' and 'Maxim' just for comparison's sake...

And since you live in Europe, I'll mention that there is also a similar-looking rose called 'Blumenstadt Tulln'- I found a photo of it from 2009, so I know it's at least that old, but I don't see it on HMF (at least not by that name). Link below for photos...

But I agree that it's probably 'Nostalgie'...

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Blumenstadt Tulln' beetrose link

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Ninkasi(6ish Germany)

those are all beautiful roses, and any of them potentially could be it. Thanks for the help--I might just have to order one now..that Blumenstadt Tulln looks especially exotic.

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Wow, this is a beautiful rose. It almost doesn't seem real. The pure white in the center and red on the outside does not seem to match any of my roses. My Nicole's are not as red and have a little more blending. "Nostalgia" seems to be much fuller and more rounded. It is so hard to tell since weather, water, fertilizers, so many thinks can make one rose look very different from the same rose grown in another environment. Good luck

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vettin(z6b Northern VA)

Looks like photos of Cherry Parfait, but have not seen that rose in person

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