9 leaflet with no thorn on sterm

jamesyaoJune 5, 2012

Bought a rose from Lowe and it cames out 2 type of roses.

One is fine, normal rose.

Another type is a plant very similar to rose (sterm / leaf / etc.) but

1. It grows like crazy with no flower (for 2 months)

2. Its leaflet contain 9 (All other roses are 5!)

3. No thorn on sterm. Only very tiny harmless short hair like thorn.

4. It attracts all pest to its leaf, but it grows that fast that the pest failed to eat 10% of it!

Any idea if it is a rose or wildplant?

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The plant you bought is undoubtedly a grafted plant ... the named variety of rose grafted to the roots of another. It sounds as if the rootstock has produced suckers. These suckers compete with the named variety. Carefully dig beside the sucker until you can see where it emerges from the plant. If it is below the bud union (the knotty part where the named variety of rose grows from), carefully tear the suckers off. Don't cut them, because that leaves parts behind that will just grow right back and start the problem all over again.

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