Never volunteer for anything!!

digit(ID/WA)May 10, 2008

Does it make any sense to feel enriched and inspired by plants that volunteer in my gardens?

Couldn't these be a few of those "thousand points of light?"

Forget-me-nots (Myosotis)

I would prefer to know the value of every green at a price of nothing.

Garden Orach (Atriplex hortensis)


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Hi Digit,

A thousand points of light.
This is a pic from my parent's garden in Quebec.
All forget me nots,

which then are replaced by something they call a "Julienne" in french:

and, i find it hard to believe, then there's plenty of room for everything else to grow afterwards.

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Very pretty, Yoda_chan! Are the Julienne volunteers, as well?

I guess I might be able to count grape hyacinths as volunteers but I don't know how they got here or how they appear to move around. They kind of seem to be in more places every year.

The larkspur volunteers are thick in the flower garden when I first show up there in the Spring. I can't bring myself to kill all of them during cultivation. However, they aren't the lovelies that I planted years ago - apparently, the double-flowering types are the first to go and replaced almost entirely by the simple purples.

The lunaria flowers that I have allowed to grow are just starting to open now. They are rather coarse looking plants but the color is interesting. The pale green silver dollars are rather attractive thru the Summer and, in the Autumn, who can bear to throw away money?

Obviously, these plants never heard the guidance in boot camp of, "never 1st, never last, and never volunteer for anything." Their enthusiasm for being here is appreciated by some of us!


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I think the probably inherited the forget-me nots and actively added the Juliennes, after being told how much they might spread. It's rather inspiring!

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Very pretty pictures. My successful volunteers are Mexican Hat and Lambs Ear.

Lambs ear started in a pot on the patio and moved itself to the gravel by the patio step. Nice accessory for an ancient, decrepit whippet.

Mexican Hat started in a terracotta pot in the garden and now I see it has moved itself into the patio pot the lambs ear started in! Mex Hat goes well with Old Stump.

:-) Cheers,

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That good-looking elderly whippet probably has a lifetime of volunteer service, Michelle.

Never having held a regular job is no discredit.

I remember as a 14 year-old kid leaving our Oregon valley farm. I vowed to buy another dog to enjoy and as a companion to my aging Border Collie.

My plan was to get a whippet if my family actually made the choice to move to a larger farm, a beagle if we moved into the nearby mountain forests, or a pug if we moved to town . . . . I got the pug . . . Her volunteer activities were fairly well limited to chewing up slippers and confronting much, much larger dogs when they ventured into our yard.


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