What do I put on top of garden fabric?

walterbyrdMay 25, 2013

I am planting tomatoes, mostly.

I am trying to weeds down.

I put this garden fabric around the plants. It's supposed to let water pass though, and keep weeds from growing up.

I put a little dirt on top of the fabric, just to keep it from blowing away.

Should I totally cover the fabric with dirt? Or should I use mulch? Or something else? If mulch, what kind?

Thanks in advance.

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It's tempting to use landscape fabric but I've found that it's kind of a pain in the vegetable garden. It gets buried by mulch or soil and then roots may start growing from your plants above the fabric which will probably die. Going forward it needs to be removed and it's always a pain.

If you want to keep down weeds the old fashioned hoe works well. If you want to use a barrier I'd recommend wet newspaper several layers thick and cover that with mulch such as straw.

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I use that same weed barrier between my beds and up the sides - I leave a few inches around the stems. You just need to keep it from blowing around. I use metal staples, rocks to hold it down.

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