CBinKremmlingMay 22, 2013

Hello everyone. I have lots of dandelions and some vegetables that are flowering. But, I haven't seen any bees!

Has anyone else noticed this? I know there was a huge die off due to the late spring cold freezes. Makes me very this what the future has in store with the rampant use of Roundup and other pesticides?

Please tell me ya'll are seeing healthy bees in abundance. They sure aren't here....

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Honey bees are on our Honey Crisp apple tree and hanging around the periwinkle.

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I see them on my fruit trees, but not the dandelions.

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So, some are out there. I've yet to see any in my neck of the woods. (i'm in Lakewood now - not kremmling). lots of wasps but no bees.....scary

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Not many bees here that I've noticed. The clover is flowering and usually there's some bees that are eager for the clover. Not much else flowering right now besides chives.

I think that hard freeze we had a few weeks ago stopped lots of plants/bushes/trees from flowering so that probably has set the bees back as well.

I have noticed quite a few bees around hyacinth while out at work.

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I have bees all over my poppies.

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